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Monday, 5 December 2011

Tims 12 tags of Christmas Day 5

Hi Everyone 

Thanks for stopping by here is Day 5 of Tims 12 Tags

Where did the day go today?!!! 

As you can see i never had any of tims reflection stamps so i tried his ghosting technique using my Artistic Stamper Stars background stamp.  I have never tried this technique before so was amazed how it came out .....don't they stars look bright . I did not have a Hambly studios  to go to so i decided to use one of the Alteration boxes and cut that up.....that was my starting point for the tag .....Then i pretty much followed what tim did added a bit of tinsel with some gems and a badly tied bow !!!!

In between doing all that the sheep costume is now done pillow case with 3 holes covered with two bags of cotton wool balls !! Black long sleeved top and black leggings underneath with some white slipper socks !! now then Any ideas for a donkey ......Sometimes it great to have twins sometimes its not!!!!

Catch you all tomorrow take care Mandy x

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  1. Great tag Mandy, those stars look fab! Good luck with the donkey costume! x