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Monday, 27 February 2012

Art Journaling Beginners

Hi there,

In Dec i booked to take some beginners Art Journaling classes at Art from the Heart with the lovely Dyan Reaveley. These were to take place once a month in Jan and Feb and March. Unfortunately unto unforseen circumstances the Jan class was moved to Feb. I have not done a lot of Art Journaling just bits and pieces really not sure about what to do. 
I attended the class in Feb and it was FAB had a great time and only have to wait a few weeks until the next one. I learnt about colour and collage and how to grab words from everyday magazines but there was a catch you did not choose your own words or pictures. 

 This background was done in class the rest i did not have time to finish so finished it off at home. I can't resist doing a bit of doodling ! I think i waffled here without any meaning at all i just wanted to write ......
 Then i ventured out on my own and tried to do the colouring as i was taught ......i just can't seem to get the blending right but i will keep trying......i never used collage in a magazine i used all bits and pieces from different dylusions stamps ....not conforming to body or hat (body made out of spiders web hat out of text circle it was a lot lot of fun .....another day spent at work........
 The above one was done at work and it was Whitney Housten's funeral which i watched or rather had on in the background .....such a great singer such a shame......

 Then i was feeling a bit down i did the collage from the magazine but wanted something else and thought Dina   Wakely stamp looked good .....i actually liked this page and had a good moan about missing my friends from Scotland. ............ The next two are on going ............

The above i don't know what happened i tried to go beyond what i was shown with colour and it was such a mess but then i got good again .....I struggle to find images that i like in the magazines but discovered the tattoo magazines have some fantastic images in so i think i am mainly drawn to them........This page needs finishing with some writing but have been so busy of late or not done anything worth writing about.......

I love this image i need to bring a bit more red in i know and its still in progress.

As i said this is new to me so I am enjoying just playing around with it all at the moment . I have another class at Art from the Heart next month with Dyan can't wait for that and also with Dina wakely so am keen and eager to learn some more.......its nice to meet new people as well and i always like to chew the fat with different people ...so this is right up my street

Thanks for stopping by ......let me know what you think warts and all ......catch up with you again real soon
Take care Mandy xx


  1. well, I for one cannot see a single wart hunny... this journaling is totally fabulous... good for you trying out new things... hope you have fun at your upcoming classes... I did one with Dina last year, she is a brilliant artist and teacher isn't she! Thanks for joining in with the Sunday sTamper x

  2. Beautiful jornaling Mandy ... Dy is fab is n't she! I did the Dina class last year too ... had a fantabulous time! I am totally hooked on journaling at the moment ... sooooo addictive!

  3. You are one lucky girl c",)
    I wish I could go to some journaling classes,
    but haven´t heard of any here..
    Your journaling pages are amazing:)
    Can´t wait to see more:)
    Thanks for your lovely comment in my blog!
    *Hugs, Inger*

  4. Like some of the others I would love a chance to learn journaling too. Your pages are stunning. Hugs Rita xxx